Supply Chain
A strong relationship between a supplier and organisation is not built overnight. An organisation needs to know it can depend on its suppliers. On the flip side, suppliers need to understand the needs of the organisations they supply to and ensure they deliver to their expectations. These relationships are built slowly over time and are based on a mutual respect and understanding of each others needs.

A two-way trust relationship is essential to success

This relationship is built on trust in many different ways. An organisation needs to trust the products or services of its suppliers and ensure they get the best return on their investment. Suppliers need to trust the organisation they work for to give them clear direction and instructions and to pay for products and services in a timely fashion.

Suppliers also need to ensure they maintain a competitive edge, especially in markets that are saturated with competing products and services. By providing good quality products and services at a cost efficient price, suppliers have a better chance of being chosen as a favoured contractor.

Maintaining good quality control is key

In the manufacturing and production industries, it is especially important that products are of the highest quality. If a raw material provided by a supplier is going to be used during the manufacturing process, any defects could be reflected in the finished product. It is therefore critical that raw materials are checked thoroughly before being passed to the manufacturing stage.

Consider introducing supplier audits across your organisation

The best way to arrange these checks is through a supplier audit. Supplier audits ensure that quality control is present during the initial stages of the manufacturing process and ensure raw materials are fit for purpose.
It is also important to inform your suppliers about your intention to audit their products. This will help them to understand what is required of them and ensure their products are of the quality you expect.

Get a better service from your suppliers with supplier audit training

Training staff in supplier audits will ensure individuals are able to carry out in-depth audits that leave you in no doubt of the quality of the materials you are using. A certified supplier auditor can help to prevent problems in production, faulty products and lost revenue and ensure that your business maintains a reputation for good quality.

Why you can’t afford to ignore supplier audits

Supplier audits can help you to improve the reputation of your company, help you to win more contracts, attract more customers and ultimately boost your profits. A certified supplier audit can help you to achieve these goals through thorough monitoring of your supply chain, and ensure you continue to receive outstanding service from the suppliers you use.