The quality policy of Batalas Ltd is to provide training and consultancy services that fully satisfy customer expectations. This policy supports the overall business aim of the company to continue to be regarded by existing customers and the market as a customer focussed leading supplier of training and consultancy services.

To realise the above policy, the management has set quality objectives that address each policy element and includes continual improvement. Each objective is periodically reviewed for suitability, as is the entire policy itself.

It is of paramount importance that this policy statement is understood by all members of the organisation, particularly as to how it applies to individuals. To this end, this statement is made available to all staff, and each staff member is invited to seek clarification, if required, as to its meaning.

The company’s management are committed to the policy and this is demonstrated by leadership through example, communication to staff of the importance of meeting specified requirements, ensuring the availability of resources and, periodic management review of the system, including the suitability of its policy and objectives.