Top management

If an organisations top management does not drive quality forward, will an ISO management system ever succeed?

It is not uncommon to see management wanting to get ISO simply to get a new certificate on the wall or website. What they seem to miss is that when done properly, a well implemented management system creates a fantastic framework of easy to follow processes and procedures to ensure we are all doing things right each, and every time. At the end of the day it is just good management practice and common sense isn’t it?

If top management does not provide the tools for communicating the importance of quality across the entire organisation, the importance of quality will simply not be communicated.

If management does not plan for quality, management is effectively planning for quality problems.

If management does not review performance and establish goals for improvement, performance will not improve.

In other words, without commitment from top management, you are going to have quality problems………….

Wouldn’t it be great if we could force top management to be involved, and force them to understand what quality is and how it effects the entire organisation?

If you agree, then you will love the new clause 5 “Leadership” in the revised ISO 9001 (and any other ISO standard currently being revised). It now states that top management must demonstrate leadership and commitment, that they must take accountability of the effectiveness of the QMS and that the quality objectives are compatible with the strategic direction of the organisation (shortened summary).

This means that in future top management cannot escape or pass the buck, they will have to be actively involved.

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