ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 is the worlds most popular ISO standard for Environmental Management Systems. It is currently under review, with an updated version due by the end of 2015

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The final draft (FDIS) of ISO 14001 was published on the 9th July 2015 – join us on the Tuesday 21st July 2015 @ 11am BST for a free 1 hour webinar were we will be presenting the FDIS changes
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The last major update to the standard was in 2004, and obviously the focus on environmental management has changed dramatically since then. To ensure that ISO 14001 remains a useful and relevant tool for businesses, it is currently being revised.

Environmental management

ISO 14001 and it’s new structure

The new standard is based on a new high-level structure known as Annex SL, and is due to be published in August/September 2015. The key changes so far are:

  • an enhanced focus on environmental performance improvement
  • a greater emphasis on leadership
  • a bigger focus on risk management
  • fewer documentation requirements
  • more transparency and accountability on environmental issues
  • simplified language to ease understanding
  • improved communication and awareness
  • less prescriptive clause requirements
  • easier to integrate other management systems

ISO 14001 development timeline

ISO 14001:2015 Timeline

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ISO 14001:2015 Update Webinar

ISO have announced that ISO 14001 FDIS is expected to be published on 9th July 2015 – join us on the Tuesday 21st July 2015 @ 11am BST for a free 1 hour webinar were we will be presenting the FDIS changes
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What is Annex SL?

Annex SL provides a high-level structure and common text that will be applied to all future ISO standards
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ISO 14001:2015 - the next revision

With the changes being so wide and varied, in this article we discuss all the potential issues with the revisions
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ISO 14001 drafting process explained

The committee draft (CD) is the 1st general consultation for the next revision to the ISO 14001 standard. ISO members (usually individual countries) that have decided to help out in the development of this update will be asked to comment on the changes and how it will affect them. Although you can buy a copy of this draft document on the website, the general public cannot officially comment on it at this stage.

This document is known as ISO/CD 14001.

Each ISO members comments will be discussed by experts from the ISO/TC 207 technical committee. Once agreement has been reached a Draft International Standard (DIS) is then released for public comment.

This document is known as ISO/DIS 14001.

As with the previous DIS stage, all comments are discussed by the technical committee to ensure that all parties comments and interests have been addressed. Minor changes may be made at this stage, but based on previous revisions to the ISO 14001 standard, the FDIS document remains largely unchanged.

Once all of the drafting stages have been accepted, it then becomes a published document with a new date at the end (hopefully ISO 14001:2015)

Approx 2018

If all goes according to plan and the revised standard is published in 2015, a transition period is given before ISO 14001 : 2004 becomes out-of-date.

This usually happens approx. 3 years after the standard is revised.

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