Blood PressureSales volumes of blood pressure monitors look set to rise across the world in coming years as the population ages, reports.

As populations across the world become healthier – and therefore start living longer – the need to monitor blood pressure is only set to rise. Furthermore, this ageing population will also bring about an increase in the number of non-fatal illnesses that require regular observation and supervision. These so-called “lifestyle diseases” such as hypertension and diabetes will increase the numbers further still.

In light of this, forecasters have predicted that more resources will need to be ploughed into manufacturing blood pressure monitors over the coming five years to keep up with demand.

In 2012, the market reached a global value of $838.8 million (£530.6 million). By the end of 2013, meanwhile, this will have risen by around three per cent to $854.9 million (£540.8 million). Revenue will then increase by around two and three per cent over the following three years, before jumping to five per cent in 2017. At this point, revenue will have reached $963.2 million (£609.3 million) globally.

Commenting on the forecasts, analyst Roeen Roashan told “One important reason for the consistent rise in revenue over the years is that the worldwide population of those aged 65 and above will continue to grow over time, making up an increasingly larger percentage.

“As a result, health monitoring will increase, which will drive market growth for blood pressure monitors. While evident in all regions, the phenomenon will be particularly apparent in Europe and Asia.”