ELCAS funding for the Armed Forces

Who are ELCAS?

The Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) is run by the MOD and offers financial support to those who are currently serving or leaving the armed forces.  The scheme helps people gain a recognised qualification, which can open up new job opportunities.

To become an ELC Approved Learning Provider, Batalas has undergone an extensive assessment process, ensuring that training courses meet a strict learning criteria. The ELCAS scheme supports high level learning and is therefore only applicable to Lead Auditor and Auditor Conversion Batalas training courses.

As part of the ELCAS scheme, learners are expected to pay a personal contribution for the course.  More information can be found by visiting http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/

How do I claim ELCAS funding?

1. Firstly, choose which Batalas course you would like to study from the list below. We suggest choosing a course date that is no less than six weeks away.  Please email training@batalas.com to register your interest in the course while you apply for your ELCAS funding.

2. Fill out a claim form via the ECLAS website, there are two to choose from –

On the form you will be asked for the Batalas course provider ID which is 10072.

3. Once you have completed the claim form, submit it to your manager or education staff for approval.

4. Once signed-off, you will be sent a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN), please send this to training@batalas.com  – Batalas can then check course availability and confirm your place on the course.

5. Batalas will send you an invoice for your personal contribution. A second invoice will then be uploaded to the ELCAS Online Portal for the Defence Business Service to pay their contribution.

Which Batalas courses are ECLAS approved?

For more information on ELCAS training, please call 0333 700 9001 or email training@batalas.com

Alternatively, click here to visit the ELCAS website or email at elcas@m-assessment.com