Batalas is proud to announce that it has recently achieved accredited CPD status

What is CPD?

The CPD Standards Office (Continuing Professional Development) was founded with the vision of understanding and enabling, positive and successful learning experiences. It offers a structured approach to life-long learning in the workplace by continuously gaining new skills, maintaining them and progressing to the next level.

CPD requirements are varied and are dictated by employers, professional bodies and regulators. Each will have a ‘CPD Scheme’ or ‘CPD Policy’ which sets specific requirements for their members; these can be in the form of collecting hours, points, merits or credits achieved across a specific learning period. For example, professionals in the accountancy and financial sector are required to complete 35 hours per annum in order to remain qualified. Alternatively, the requirements could be to plan goals or objectives and undertake training related to them.

Attending a course with a CPD accredited training provider means that you can use the learning activity towards your CPD membership. To achieve the accreditation, Batalas has undergone a rigorous assessment process that focuses on the development and delivery of training, ensuring content is kept up to date and conforms to CPD best practice.

Why become a CPD member?

CPD membership is commonly used for personal benefit, but CPD membership schemes are great for employers too:

Personal benefits –

  • Keeps knowledge and skills up to date
  • Gives a sense of direction, builds confidence and credibility
  • A way to showcase achievements
  • Aids career progression (adding a CPD section to a CV can greatly improve job prospects)

Employer benefits –

  • Increases commitment and engagement
  • Improves staff moral
  • Helps to measure personal development and gives benchmarks for appraisals
  • Helps to build a consistent standard across the company

How do I record my CPD learning activity?

On successful completion of a CPD accredited training course, Batalas will send you a copy of your CPD Certificate; this can be used for inclusion in a formal CPD record.

Which Batalas courses are CPD accredited?

Now Batalas has achieved status as an accredited CPD Provider, it is committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard already set.

For more information on CPD training, please call 0333 700 9001 or email

Alternatively, click here to visit the CPD website.